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As a passion project run on weekends, in the wee hours, and during nap times, we are very, very grateful to anyone who considers sponsoring us. 

You can make a tax-deductible donation and the funds will go directly towards funding the book, public programs, two exhibitions, and paying project contributors. Anything over will go to Maternity Care Coalition for their work ensuring families can birth with dignity, parent with autonomy, and raise babies who are healthy, growing, and thriving.  

If you can’t reach into your wallet, we understand – our newsletter and online community will always be free and open to all.

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The Dr. Spock - $5
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The Miss Mary Coley - $500
The Mother Lode - $1000

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The following companies are ones we believe in and who believe in us and have supported the Designing Motherhood project. We remain unendingly grateful to them.

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